Spicy clove, sensual musk, incense and narcotic florals

Ingredients  Rose Otto, Ylang-ylang I, Petitgrain Extract, Ho Wood Extract, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Vanilla, Lemon, Sweet Incense Tree, Jasmine Attar, Cocoa Abs, Patchouli, Tonquin Musk, Civet, Ambergris, Organic Corn Alcohol 

Journal Notes: Dragon is a very complex and intriguing fragrance.  The initial structure is based on Rose, Cocoa and Ambergris.  We ran into major blending challenges related to cocoa...it just wouldn't maintain solution.  We tried several types of cocoa and landed on using a 'clear' cocoa absolute extract.  It's not as sweet and adds a patchouli like note to the existing patchouli component.

There's a really special ingredient in Dragon...Sweet Incense Tree also known by the names of groots kerbos and better known as bushman candle. It has notes of sweet sticky warmth that reminds of benzoin and Tahitian vanilla with superior lasting depth and supported with light touches of myrrh and styrax.

As in all of our scents, Dragon contains special plant extracts that effect your mood/well being.  We included precious extracts of Agrimony, Gentian, Chicory and Rock Rose.  These botanicals cleanse you at a cellular level and help restore your natural strengths emotionally.

...more to come