Radiant, fruity scent. A tropical opening blends coconut with a touch of blood orange, bergamot and sandalwood. Sensual woods combine with lighter musks and amber notes for a velvet-smooth drydown 

Ingredients Blood Orange, Bergamot Extract, Tonka Bean, Tibetan Cedar Wood, Amber Attar, Ho Wood Extract, Coconut Extract

Backstory: Sun was inspired by literally, the Sun...and it's symbolic representation as being the giver of life, destroyer, comforter and many other facets of the physical sun's role in our lives.  This perfume, being all natural, contains the spirit of flowers, woods, and resins all grown by converting energy from the sun into plant material.  That means the fragrance is actually material from the sun itself...yes, literally.

Ok, went a little deep there, but just know we put a lot of thought into the ingredients...'less is more' dominated our thoughts because we wanted the Blood Orange and Bergamot extract to shine brightly in the the morning Mississippi sun in summer (Darryl grew up in Vicksburg).  

We included Tibetan (Himalayan) Cedar is one of the lightest of the Cedars so it works really well with the fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry.  

We were kinda undecided about releasing Sun.  One of the principle we try to follow is make the scent as office friendly as possible.  This means while we could add ingredients to make you smell someone across the room we don't want our scents to be that way.  Initial versions of Sun had to much 'intensity'...not as light and fleeting as we wanted, so we removed several base note ingredients (higher than 14 or so, carbon atoms) and reduced the concentration...down to 22% vs originally upwards 30%. 

Another challenge to Sun was availability of ingredients.  My goodness Tonka Bean is expensive and a challenge to get great quality year to year.  We don't plan to sale a lot of Sun (the original) because of too much reliance on Tonka Bean in the recipe...for now.

...more to come.