Violet, vanilla and musk with woods (Cedar) and a bright citrus opening

Ingredients Vanilla Bean (Madagascar); Tibetan Cedar; Petitgrain Extract; Eucalyptus Extract; Orange Blossom; Ruh Juhi; Lemon; Lime; Heliotrope accord; White Champa Leaf; Myrrh; Organic Grape Alcohol

Journal Notes:  We knew we had to have a scent based on the gorgeous image of a tree...the artist, Skipp, outdid himself with the label design so it was a challenge and an honor to create a scent that could rival that beauty...and we did it...with the help of Spirit, of course. 

Tree II is identical to the initial Tree recipe accept for one key ingredient, Oudh.  We took out the Oudh and replaced it with Tibetan Cedar.  So, what had happened was this...Darryl went the World Perfume Congress 2022 and heard a lot about sustainability and the need for perfumers to be more focused on environment.  Being an all natural perfume house, we know that we have to always do things in favor of the great good and environment.  So, we chose to not use Oudh and use more sustainable Cedar woods.  We had to amp up the use of Patchouli and another couple of ingredients, but we're happy with how Tree II turned out and it ages. 

Speaking of aging, we've noticed our perfumes, as with other naturals, tend to get better as they age.  We have learned some interesting techniques to ensure the scent ages a fine wine.

...more to come