Dragon Perfumes is an ‘artisan’ perfume house based in Atlanta, GA. It is owner – operated by the perfumer, so everything from packaging to the scent itself is completely guided by the creativity of the mind that designed them.

Scents are handmade, in VERY limited batches. There is a strong ‘spiritual’ intent for each scent. Each perfume should be considered as two perfumes. The ‘outer’ scent is structured to appeal to your nose, but the ‘inner’ scent is structured to effect you at a much deeper level. Depending on your level of growth, over time you will gradually feel the effects of the natural components at an energetic/vibrational level.

The goal is for you to smell amazing, but more importantly to FEEL amazing.


What we do

In simple terms, we make perfume. We also intend to enhance your perception of life. We want to reveal to you…through scent…the greater mysteries of life itself. Scents are designed based on rare/hard to find and unique natural ingredients.

Dragon Perfumes uses essential oils, resins, CO2s, and absolutes that recreate, for the wearer, a scent that is unique…to say the least. As a matter of fact, we freely admit no two bottles are exactly the same. This is so because of the effects of the energy of the perfumer on the blend and your specific receptivity.