Crown - 9ml Travel Spray


Crown, the original 'vintage' style fragrance is an artistic rendering of the most famous, chypre structure.  It has components used in the early 20th century fragrances, Aramis, Cabochard, Men's Club, Obsession, Opium and Bourjois's Mais Ou

Gender Neutral, Hand-Blended, Spiritually Inspired

Ingredients  Labdanum, Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac, Bulgarian Rose, Cardamom extract, Ylang ylang #1, Linden Blossom, Mastic, Oakmoss, Ambergris, Tonka Bean, Texas Cedar, Sandalwood, Organic Corn Alcohol

Indulge in the luxurious and enchanting scent of Crown, the first fragrance from Dragon Perfumes. Crafted with the traditional scent structure of Chypre, this fragrance boasts a delicate yet captivating aroma that is perfect for both men and women. The addition of Bergamot and Oakmoss give it a sophisticated barbershop vibe, while the infusion of Jasmine Sambac creates a unique and alluring twist.

The attention to detail in Crown is unparalleled. The Dragon Perfumes team spent countless hours perfecting the scent, amping up the level of Oakmoss and trying different natural musks to achieve the perfect balance. In the end, they chose to use the rare and highly sought-after Ambrettolide and beach cast Ambergris from Ireland, which lend an unparalleled depth and intensity to the fragrance.

But Crown is not just a fragrance, it's an experience. The inclusion of essences of Chicory, Agrimony, Mimulus, Vervain, and Gentian contribute energetically to your well-being, promoting self-worth, flow of life, fearlessness, and resoluteness.

Experience the luxury and indulgence of Crown, and immerse yourself in a fragrance that will transport you to another world of all natural beauty.