EYE - 9ml Travel Spray


EYE - Remember the luxurious richness of the 1920s fragrances with notes of sweet woods, vanilla, aged patchouli, amber, and aged resins?  Most likely 'no' because they don't make them like that anymore...until now.  EYE began as an early draft of bespoke concoction intended to be a private blend.  It quickly became something that needed to be offered to everyone. The ingredients are a simple 3 part structure based on a balsamic theme from top to bottom.   

It's heart is a trio of rare narcotic florals...with a linear warm balsamic/vanilla, dark musk resonance...including Rose Damasc, Jasmine Sambac and Ylang-ylang (Fine); this warm floral heart is combined with an accord of 'sweet woods'...Copaiba Balsam, Sandalwood (Caledonian), Himalayan Cedar. 

The dry down is a five part musk blend, mostly of ambergris, ambrette seed, and others with an amazing dark patchouli.  There are also key contrasting and exalting ingredients including: Fir Balsam, an Amber accord and a small dose of a homemade Chypre accord

Ingredients: Mimosa, Lime, Rose Demascena Jasmine Sambac, Himalayan Cedar, Ylang, yang, Ethyl Maltol, Vanilla Bean tincture; Accords of: Amber; Musk, Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Lily, and Chypre, Dark Patchouli, Fir Balsam, Labdanum, Ambergris; Tonquin Musk, Organic Corn Alcohol

The EYE of Horus is literally an 'eye'...but what most don't know is it means to see 'completely'...with all your senses plus something higher.  I created the fragrance, EYE, to remind you to see more than what your five senses are telling you.  Let yourself 'see' through a lens of a better version of yourself, whatever you decide that is at a certain moment. 

EYE opens with a bright slightly sweet floral before plunging you into a vintage sensory experience of deep rich amber, smokey sweet wood and musk.  The florals and musk contrasting woods truly sing on your skin.  Most likely due to high dose of ambergris, it doesn't smell quite the same on two people throughout it's heart note into base.  This is a favorite vintage style fragrance at 23% concentration in organic corn alcohol.