HERE - 9ml Travel Spray


Meet HERE, a tailor-made fragrance crafted just for you. If you appreciate the composition of Chanel No. 5 and Patou Sublime, HERE is your perfect match. This unique fragrance boasts notes of Jasmine Absolute, Ylang-ylang, Violet flower, Dark Patchouli, and Ambergris, combined with several other natural musks, creating an unmatched warm, captivating blend of floral and amber woods. 

In creating HERE, we researched several of the most successful perfume structures from the early 20th century.  Once we figured out the key ingredients, we 'enhanced' the recipe with a rare dark patchouli and a healthy dose of vanilla absolute.  We also leveraged our custom chypre accord to replace the singular use of Oakmoss. 

The expansive use of natural ingredients guarantees HERE will smell slightly different on each and every person. This is the fragrance that will become your special event or signature scent.  Enjoy.