The Experience of Dragon Perfumes:

Dragon Perfumes are all natural, spiritually inspired fragrances that bring you healing and calming effects. Each scent has been infused with rare and hard-to-find essences that have been used for centuries to enhance your emotions, enhance your physical energy and uplift your mood.

Initially, you notice the fragrace doesn't 'shock' your's easy and kind. You are surprised by how it changes so quickly; each whiff a little keep smelling your wrist.

You realize you're literally smelling over 20 different natural essenses in every spray...for the first time ever in a perfume, you experience real Rose, Ylang ylang, Ambergris, Tonka Bean, Tibetan Cedar, Sandalwood and others...not chemicals that just smell like those.

You begin to feel something, the scent molecules have made their way to the emotional center in your brain...your mood is effected for the better.

You notice people seem to smile more, events seem to go a little more smoothly...the fragrance has done its has shifted you.