If you to look at a picture of the parts of your brain and their function you will notice the emotional center (amygdala) sits next to your olfactory bulb. No other sense receptors are in such a close proximity to the part of your brain that generates feeling and emotion. This gives you a clue to the power of smell.  Scents, especially natural elements can and DO affect the way you feel.

Our goal is to use this natural design to enhance your life through scent – this is the original intent of perfume - to affect a change 'through smoke'. 

We NEED you to understand why we make perfume…it is because of love. Yep, that’s the truth. Dragon Perfumes really wants to make the world, our lives, your life as awesome as possible.  The ‘secret’ (one method) of doing this is by using the lost art of creating perfumes based on, not only, selecting and blending natural ingredients such as essential oils, resins, CO2s, etc., but infusing spiritual practices (symbolism, words and emotion) during the creative process. 

By doing this, Dragon Perfumes 'concentrates' and magnifies the benefits of wearing a scent. 

In every culture throughout history, there is only one mythical creature that appears consistently, the dragon. Some believe it’s a remnant of a prehistoric dinosaur or some other long forgotten animal. The dragon is a spiritual symbol representing those 'negative' passions (fear, envy, hate) in man that must be subdued in order to find the ‘wealth’ so often guarded by the creature. Your largest source of power are your 'dragons'. Now, its time to learn how to control and use that energy constructively.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Dragon Perfumes. It is TRULY an honor to be in this world with you!