I am…Darryl R. Hunter, the founder of Dragon Perfumes.  I began studying perfume around the age of 12.   This 'first study' was simply realizing perfume has the power to change how we feel.  My bottle of Halston 1-12 seemed to transform a life that felt challenging most days.

I went on to enjoy sports, science (especially physics and chemistry) and exploring the higher mysteries of life.  I have been described as a renaissance man...an aerospace engineer, lover of nature, gardening, a 32nd degree Freemason, a chemist and a mystic. 

I began creating all natural perfumes in 2009.  Along with self teaching, I have studied with The Natural Perfumers Guild and The Perfumery School of UK.  As I grew in my understanding of scent, I also grew in my need to serve the world. 

I realized I wanted to combine my understanding of esoteric principles with the science and art of perfume.   I have been taught it is possible to construct a scent and combine it with symbols and words in such a way it would literally, ever so slightly, change someone at a cellular level...even if for just a moment.  

Click here to see an overview of how Dragon Perfumes is focusing on sustaining the environment with art.

To find out more about me...please enjoy the podcast of a dear friend, Dr. Courtney Hammonds, link below.



Email: drh@dragonperfumes.com